Marriage and Sexual Relation

Besides engaging in sexual activity role of wife and husband is to make family.

Second stage of marriage is the outcome of sexual activities; a birth of new member of the family. New member draws all the attentions of family life and first stage of life becomes memories. Wife and Husband experience own image in the child that incites them to care more than self. Child's biological appearance attracts adults to submit selves for compassion towards child is the natural instinct for safe growth. Responsibility towards growth of the new born becomes important activity. Woman's sexual interest weakens for limited period, is natural law to pay attention for best breast feeding. Women can not avoid breast feeding as pressure builds up in breast that has to be released, relief she gets from release is pleasure for her. This natural law is to feed the child perfectly. As a father becomes more responsible towards family and child so involves more into the family affairs. His submission to the situation is to protect child from any unwanted troublesome. Second stage defines father as protector and mother as producer of future generation of own identity. Sexual activity becomes second to child's growth, especially woman who works heavily for child's growth. However, sexual desire is such a greed that never eliminates until reaches unsuitable age, is to add members in the family. So the second stage of marriage is giving birth and taking care of family to grow. Contribution of their role steps further towards more members and their health. Woman's role is important as she needs to care children and diverts her attention from husband to child and house but if she goes to office her life becomes chaotic. Overburdened lady weakens her health and sexual desire, irritation and depression builds up due to weakness and intense involvement. Man on the other hand finds self in little anxiety as the approach/response is not as before. More necessities and demands of family load him if he is economically weak. On the whole life of both wife and husband is not as easy as before. The egoism and self-esteem overpowers them when feel hurt, leads to arguments. An argument is the first stage of worsening family. In a good family both realize the situation and accommodate for smooth run. Normally, this situation prompts to find ways to criticize each other makes uneasy life. The test of constructive married life begins; most educated and able people succeed this test to step towards third stage of married life, on the other hand uneducated or self-centered people face this situation as hard test and many of them fail. Those fail break up and search for new beginning or search for extra affair. Good and bad relation of wife and husband influences children too as they experience by observing. The relation becomes doubtful to them mom and pop becomes less relevant especially during puberty. This is what we observe in divorced or violent families, children too become violent and depressed. Second stage is also very difficult for egoistical issue-less couple, feeling of partner as burden or loneliness drives to extra marital affairs.

1. Remember best moment enjoyed with the partner is positive signal of attraction to prolong relation.

2. Anger infuriates; is fire only cool approach can extinguish.

3. Extra marital life is curse to married life.

4. There is no one else to come to assist if brought would worsen further. So wife and husband together need to console each other and prepare for next challenge.

5. There is no house where difference of opinions are not there but adjusting, accommodating and making understand the good and bad part will help. Avoid arguments as escalates situation and never helps. Patience is water to fire.

6. Sexual activities are best jokes, games, attraction, consolation, affection, rejuvenation, temporary medication from depression and etc. So of use this gifted source prepares for next challenge.

7. Birth of child conveys purpose of the family so don’t delay. Child bring purpose to live. Adoption of child too serves purpose for issue-less family. Loneliness is curse can drive to wrong situation; business and involvement in daily affairs can evade this.

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