Make Every Day Loving Day

66 Tips To Make Every Day Loving Day For Someone You Love.

Make EVERY DAY Valentine's Day For Your Partner Or Someone You Love.

1. I proposed to my wife on Valentine's Day. I went to the Olive Garden in the afternoon and left three red roses and a vase and asked the manager to have someone watch for us and when the waitress brought our drink order to have the roses and our engagement ring with a beautiful card delivered. Bring your own Valentine's candles, rose pedals, etc.

2. Send a note. Send your partner a special note to their office telling them that tonight you are offering a full-body massage, with candlelight and favorite beverage. Let your fingers do the talking. It's a great way to express your love for your partner. Or, hire a masseuse to give your partner a professional massage at home.

3. Cater a meal. Have a caterer deliver and serve a beautiful meal to your home for Valentine's Day.

4. Scatter roses. If you plan to buy a dozen roses, put one on her pillow, one on the dresser, one on the TV; scatter them throughout the house and leave a special love note with each one.

5. Women: Do something WITH him that he wouldn't expect you to do. Tickets to a sporting event; plan a fishing trip. If you hate sports, go anyway and allow yourself to have fun just being with him. Show interest in his hobby, interests and pastimes.

6. Fly high. Go for a special "hot-air balloon" ride, complete with picnic basket, a blanket, champagne, just for the two of you.

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